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I’m so happy that the trend I created became a WWT:) Is my first one and I really wanted to do it to show Julie Plec that we will never give up on Klaroline. True Klaroliners will never lose faith, we will keep fighting for this couple….It’s been 1 year, 4 months and 10 days since we started to love Klaroline and we will not give up…

"He was your first love, I intend to be your last. However long it takes."

We will wait with Klaus, stay by his side and wait….

And when it will finally happen it will be EPIC….perfect…this couple is gonna be endgame, we have to make it possible…."That kind of love never ends".

Thanks to everyone who participated, together we can do anything we want…we are powerfull, united….We are Klaroliners!

Did I mention I love this fandom? Nooo?My bad….

For all of you, I’m so proud to be part of this beautiful fandom:)

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